L.cash Legal Document Request Guidelines

Fiat Currency Requests

For legal proceedings involving garnishments, levies, or support, there may be a need to furnish relevant banking or financial records. Courts or judicial entities, when deemed necessary, will legally mandate financial institutions or banks to produce the requisite information.

Cryptocurrency Requests

Email Subject

Ensure the reference number is prominently displayed in the subject line of your email. This helps us process your request swiftly and accurately.

Provide Detailed Information

To narrow down the search and expedite the process, kindly provide comprehensive details such as transaction hashes, receiving cryptocurrency addresses, invoice IDs, or buyer email addresses. It's imperative to note that we cannot directly query based on personal identifiers like name, address, or date of birth due to privacy constraints.

Cryptocurrency Transaction Queries

When inquiring about specific cryptocurrency transactions, please include transaction hashes and/or wallet addresses in text format within the email. This guarantees data precision and accelerates our response time.

Regarding Request Authentication

To safeguard the genuineness of all requests, you must provide a means for us to authenticate the request. For instance, you could request a callback to a specific number within a law enforcement department for verification purposes.

Also, when submitting your request, ensure to specify a clear and reasonable deadline for us to adhere to.

Sending Requests

All legal And Document-Related Queries Should Be Directed To: L.cash Risk Management Department

For Legal Advice Or Queries, Please Email: [email protected]

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